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was an adviser to president-elect jimmy carter and he is noted for coining that transition memo he wrote to then president-elect carter, in which he said the key to being effective as president is a continuing political campaign. the notion was born man and popularized by book on political consultants when a teen 80s that has since become part of the common lexicon. >> host: how it should defend campaign? >> guest: it can be defined broadly or narrowly. the way i define as the extent to which a president focuses on electoral concerns throughout his term in office. by focusing the same presidential fundraising, and dedication to key electoral states to register them in office and the nature of electoral decision-making within the white house itself in recent administration. some people look at the campaign more broadly. the coupling operations, public opinion, but my focus is on the electoral questions the president confronted and how they deal. >> host: when we see president obama or president bush spending a lot of time in florida and ohio, that right there is the key? >> guest: exactly
and honored to be on your program. thank you. pat cadel was a adviser to the president-elect jimmy carter and he is a point of the transition memo that he wrote to the then president-elect carter in which he said the key to be effective as president is a continuing political campaign. and the notion was born then and was popularized by political consultant in the 1980's and it has since become a part of the common lexicon. >> how would you define the permanent campaign? >> it can be defined broadly or narrowly. >> it is the extent we the president focuses on the electoral concerns in his term in office. so i focus mostly on presidential fund-raising, on dedication to the key electoral state in office, and the nature of electoral decision making within the white house itself in the recent administrations. some people look at the permanent campaign more broadly. you can look at the polling operations and efforts to sway the public opinion. but my focus is on the electoral questions the presidents contract and how the deal with it. >> so when we see president obama were president bush standi
ford faced off against challenger jimmy carter, honestly, this one shouldn't even really count as part of the context like the rest of them because this one was almost too unusual. in terms of the reaction from that first debate, you want to know who won that debate? well, watch. >> good evening. here's what did it. a capacitor. a tiny electronic component costing less than $1. a capacitor blew out last night in an amplifier abc was using to feed the pool side to all the networks, plunging president ford and jimmy carter into unaccustomed silence and irritating 90 million people. that's why. >> it's so weird how this has gone down the memory hole in terms of the way we think about televised president bl debates. in 1976 in the first debate ever where a sitting president faced his challenger in a televised debate, i mean, yeah, it was mixed reviews in terms of who won. mostly that was because everybody was so preoccuied with the fact the debate collapsed on television in a technicality. watch this. >> one of the very serious things that's happened in our government in recent years and h
. in 1976, jerold ford and jimmy carter held their first presidential debate. it was in philadelphia. and with about ten minutes left to go in that debate, this happened -- >> one of the very serious things that's happened in our government in recent years, and has continued, up until now, is a breakdown in the trust among our people and the -- [ no audio ] >> the pool broadcasters from philadelphia have temporarily lost the audio. it is not a conspiracy against governor carter or president ford. and they will fix it as soon as possible. >> the pool audio from philadelphia has been lost momentarily. we hope to have it back any minute. we don't know what's happened to it. >> for 27 minutes, technicians worked feverishly to restore the audio from that debate hall in 1976. and for those 27 minutes, president gerald ford and jimmy carter just stood there at their podiums in awkward silence until the debate could pick back up again. that was the first time an incumbent president had agreed to a live tv debate with his challenger. mr. carter, the challenger, credited those debates with hel
that that one bad moment can wreck your campaign makes candidates very careful. when gerald ford debated jimmy carter there was a technical glitch. >> the broadcasters in philadelphia have temporarily lost the audio. >> instead of leaving the stage to take a break, neither candidate moved. >> we know what has happened. we are surprised as you are. >> so they stood there for almost half an hour. >> ultimate fear is making a mistake. they were frozen. >> first was criticized for looking at his watch too much during the debate. >> he looked at at his watch. >> its non-verbal clue that says i want to get away from this situation as fast as possible. >> that hurt him. >> he was widely viewed as losing that debate. >> it overran the message. >> al gore was criticized for sighing while george bush spoke. >> this is major problem of social security. >> he looked like a dufas. he was castigated. >> the next debate al gore went the opposite direction and went out of his way to be do sill and agreed with everything that bush said. >> the governor and i basically agree with dick cheney. >> that, candidate
the president like ronald reagan stung jimmy carter that he will immediately become the frontrunner and the so-called swings states will tighten up. most of them anyway. florida particularly will. that's my analysis right now. >> i think these state races probably will tighten but that's what happens in the final weeks of a campaign. races tend to tighten. this will be a closer race in all l get closer to election day one senses though that look an incumbent running with a record like this with the economy in such serious shape many people predicting recession with all this trouble he he has been having overseas, with all of that he he ought to be in a lot of trouble. it's surprising to many people that he is ahead. we keep thinking something will happen. is he is not a great politician but seems honorable and decent enough man that if the people were ready to make a change they would not have a lot of trouble settling on him as a reliable change agent. however it hasn't happened. we keep waiting for something to cause it to happen but it hasn't come. that's why i think people are a lot of rep
party, i don't care whether it was jimmy carter or bill clinton or george bush or ronald reagan or george h.w. bush had had a terrorist incident and gotten on an airplane after saying something and flown off to a fund raisener las vegas, they would have been crucified. it would have been, it should have been barack -- equivalent for barack obama of george bush's flying over katrina moment. >> but nothing was said at all. and nothing will be said. >> with us now is mr. caddell. so you think this is an organized press suppression of this story? >> well, organized -- whether it's organized is a straight conspiracy, everyone is in on it and doing it and it's a purposeful conscious effort to suppress news that might help obama. we have gone down a slippery slope here. look, bill, we have had liberal bias or bias in the press for a long time. for many years. but it's gotten worse starting in 2008. now we have a press that actively engages in the re-election. putting out a narrative that romney is a loser, you know running polls, they are using like telling n.i.v. adding on romney. rom
of the history starts in 1980. an independent candidate for president runs against jimmy carter and ronald reagan. president jimmy carter absolutely opposed john anderson's participation, and the league had a choice. do they support the independent candidate's participation or do they capitulate to the demands of jimmy carter? the league did the right thing, they stood up for the united states and invited john anderson. passed for four years later. the walter mondale and ronald reagan campaign's vetoed 80 of the moderator that the league of women voters have proposed for the debates. never try to get rid of difficult questions. 8-0. 80. the league then held a press conference and lambast the campaigns for trying to get rid of the difficult questions. of course there was an outcry. the result was fantastic. for the next debate, the campaign were required to accept the lead's moderators. four more years later and you have the michael this caucus and george bush campaign's drafting the first ever 12-page secret debate contract. they gave it to the league of women voters and said implement this. they
, obama is jimmy carter about because when you're the republican it's 1979 the democratic president is always jimmy carter. the perfect example how he handled libya. when the libya thing started a year and a half ago, the first response from mitt romney, when obama agreed to the mission, the first response from mitt romney was, too late, and this isn't enough. he criticized him. weaknessp. he wouldn't address it. ducking reporters. then he starts warning couple months later, this mission, this is too broad. now mission creep. we're losing sight of what we need to be doing. he even starts suggesting do we even know if it's a good idea to be taking gadhafi out. then gadhafi is out. gadhafi's gone. then romney says you know what, the world celebrates the ouster. he's just constantly changing and constantly shifting and responding to where obama is. trying to create this character of obama as the weak jimmy carter guy. i think at the end -- you just don't have anything to say. there's a great debate we could be having. romney will not be the one to have that debate. >> we go back to wha
days of may as asian-pacific heritage week. one year later, president jimmy carter signed into law a joint resolution to officially designate the annual celebration. 11 years later, president george bush extended the weeklong celebration to an entire month. you know and i know that our mothers say that every day is asian pacific american day. i want to recognize all of the milestones the api has made in the state of california and in the entire country. the caucus has a record of 42 members in the asian caucus in congress. one of their very first things we want to say is it was a young man who was the first member -- we want to make note of that. the reestablishment of the white house initiative by president obama was another accomplishment. president obama's cabinets has dr. steven chu. the very first asian-american -- as ambassador to the republic of china. we have a lot of accomplishments. it was not that accident, my friends. everyone of you know that you work hard. all these things are done on purpose. i want to let you know that we also can boast twice as many asian-americans
. - more. jimmy carter ... stirring uu controversy innthe mideast. saying today in jerusalem that israel ii no looger purssing a cooprooise with the "that policy of prommting a two-statt solution seems to be deeply concerned about this move towards a cctastrophic, so-ccllee one-state choice." broker israel's peace ... has long beenncritical of - pow sayy the region is in a t - quote crisis ssage." carter says: "i would say that every i have known has been aa that - pursuer of the two-sttte solution and i don't know that president obama as found that pisraeli] rime minister petanyahu is willing to go that rrutee'' benjamin supported a two--tate solution palestiiian couutry ould be demiliiarizeddnetanyahu sayy: "i wwnt to make ittclear that we do not want to govern the pplestinians. we wann to liie in peace with thhm, we want them to ggvern themselves, absent a haadful of powers of issael." carter's &ptensiin between israel and h u-s is already high ... with president obama denying netanyahu's rrquest for a full schhdule... amid ga diiagreemmnts on howwto andle pran
of the all juergens to bring about our? release.?? the release came just after jimmy carter had left office in just after ronald reagan had taken his oath of office. >> host: bathetic wants that? >> guest: of course not. this was a last lap i jimmy carter. i mean, and the iranians had figured that cost him his presidency. now they were going to deny him the satisfaction of seeing our release while he was still president. there is a conspiracy theory that says there he was in fact coordination between the iranian side and the republican, the reagan campaign of 1980 to prevent us from being released before the election. it's an interesting theory. i've never seen any documentation for it. i would think after 30 some years, something that's anything to it would've come out. >> words you fly out of? on what kind of plane? dram or senior fellow hostages? what was the reaction? >> the things i remember well. as i get older sometimes i can't remember where i left my car keys. but these things 22 years ago now i remember well. they took us to the airport. in tehran. edison buses. i was blindfolded,
all? >> of course not. obviously this was the last slap at jimmy carter. they figured it cost him his presidency know they were going to deny him this satisfaction of seeing our release while he was still president. there is a conspiracy theory that says there he was in fact coordination between the iranian side and the republican ronald reagan campaign of 1980 to prevent us from being released before the election. it's an interesting theory. i've never seen anything, any documentation. i would think after 30 some years something, if there was anything to eat something would have come out. >> where did you fly out of on what kind of plane? do you remember seeing your fellow hostages and what was your reaction? >> these things i remember well. as i get older sometimes i can't remember where i left my car keys but i can see things of 32 years ago i remember well. they took us to the airport in tehran. in buses i think i was blindfolded, but i think they shoved me into the bathroom of the bus not out of any site, just because that was the only room that was there. but it didn't matter to
voters actually go to the polls? james rosen takes a closer look at the 1980 faceoff between jimmy carter and ronald reagan for a little perspective for us. gregg: plus, he earned a law degree, he passed the bar exam, but this young man came to the country when he was 9 years old and became an illegal immigrant. can the state deny him a law license because of his legal status? [ male announcer ] this is sheldo whose long day setting up the news starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. gregg: welcome back to america's election headquarters, now, and a look at whether this 2012 race is resembling the presidential election of 1980. who can forget incumbent democratic president, jimmy carter, republican challenger, ronald reagan. from the economy to vol
example i can think of with men. >> jimmy carter had his car again. if you were old enough -- there was some criticism but nothing like what women go through. we had some examples in the book. kathleen sibelius' told a story about being in the first debate when she was running for governor the first time and she had on pink toed shoes and the writer who is a very good political writer talked about the color of her toenail polish and this was the lead thing that she had shut up and was describing what she was wearing and if you remember when michele bachman was running there were photographs of her french nails and whether or not these were appropriate for someone running for president, the way they were shaved and the french nails were appropriate and nancy pelosi we mentioned -- it was somewhere in the book, when she first became speaker there was this series of pearls, they took nick shots in the first few weeks she had worn six kinds of pearls and this was -- nobody has done six kind of necklines. maybe because there's not enough variety. >> there's plenty of variety. wh
congress. they had majority in both the house and senate and jimmy carter was the president at that time so this is an unlikely situation. what was interesting -- think about unlikely situations -- lewis powell, when he was thinking about the bigotry agencies, the epa, osha, the boards were about the components of richard nixon. the very president who named him to the court not so much the policies of the democrat who preceded nixon in the white house lyndon johnson so the pro republican business leaders in effect against the policies of the republican president and you have the biggest changes taking place in the democratic congress with a democratic president in charge. where's the evidence? when the carter and the congress were elected in 1976 the trade unions fought we are going to get the reform and some of the giver changes the we want to but help us organize and the trade unions and keep the trade union movement strong buy the business lobbyists and they never got the legislation of congress. they would be able to persuade congress and the consumer would be doubled to persuade congre
kennedy, harry truman and jimmy carter are not mentioned at all. talk about that. >> guest: i admired john f. kennedy and voted for him, but the importance of ronald reagan for someone like myself, a neo-conservative, is that he brought neo-conservatism into the conservative spectrum. ronald reagan was he first republican president to praise franklin d. roosevelt. newt gingrich has since followed him in that. now this was a breakthrough. it meant that the republican party, unlike, say, the goldwater republican party of 1964, was no longer fighting against the new deal; that it was possible to think of reforming many of the institutions bequeathed to us by the new deal, but that the issue of the new deal was behind us. and acceptance of the new deal in principle, if not in all of its details, was one of the basic differences between neo-conservatives and traditional republican conservatives, who were still fighting against the new deal. but once ronald reagan began praising franklin d. roosevelt as a kind of predecessor, and as i say, newt gingrich does exactly the same thing now--the repub
operation as the jimmy carter strategy. romney wants to link president obama to president carter by comparing the current events in libya to carter's issues with iran. the candidate telegraphed his new strategy in a "wall street journal" op-ed this weekend. the campaign says romney will give a major foreign policy speech this week. romney is taking his message to the air waves. >> i think they want to do their best to keep the people of america from understanding exactly what happened. we expect candor, we expect transparency, particularly to terrorism. >> it's hard to understand how mitt romney thinks this strategy is going to work. romney was hammered for his initial response to the attack in the middle east. he blamed the president for sympathizing with protesters. romney is a 14-point disadvantage for terrorist issues. romney can't pick a strategy and stick with it. the campaign, they used to be all about jobs. the romney slogan was obama isn't working. but then all of a sudden, the campaign was about obama care and the slogan was "repeal and replace." then that didn't work s
same kind of managerial interfering, strangle, suppressing with president that jimmy carter was. >> you write in here about president obama and i want to get to the right page so i can quote it correctly. you under the obama administration the u.s. experienced a morbid of the infrastructure of the economy, the public sector become a manipulative force intervenes in the financial sectors with gowrn tee that attract talent and -- [inaudible] >> the worst this is the grain cast of the obama administration. and the epa now has a game control over [inaudible] has deemed a po lou assistant, danger to the environment. and co2 is the manhattan and keeps us alive. the circle of life and attempt to oppress co2 epitomizes the kind of antinature, antiimper prize spirit of the administration. it's the reason we need another supply side of the same kind we had under ronald reagan. >> would you change anything you wrote in the original "wealth and poverty." >> i would have changed quite a lot. i mean, there. all kind of detail that have changed. but i found that do try to change one thing would be to
line like in 1980 between then-governor ronald reagan and president jimmy carter. >> there you go again. >> reporter: and lloyd benson's swipe at dan quayle. >> i served with jack kennedy. i knew jack kennedy. jack kennedy because friend of mine. senator, you're no jack kennedy. >> reporter: then there are other moments that seem to say more, like george w. bush looking at his watch. >> tell you what, 10,000 bet. >> reporter: and obama's comment to then-rival hillary clinton. >> you're likeable enough. >> reporter: one thing they do agree on. the debate maybe romney's big chance. >> it's hard to be likeable when you're -- >> you've got to know obama really well. there's not a lot of room left on his canvas to paint. mitt romney, he's still got a little white space on his canvas. >> reporter: the president will be spending the first part of the week in nevada. in the meantime, romney will be campaigning in colorado, also a swing state, and playing to the role for him will be ohio senator rob portman. in the newsroom, i'm grace lee, cbs 5. >> and, of course, cbs 5 will have special live
. that will take you right to a page for ronald reagan vs. jimmy carter. the commercials are 30 seconds or a minute that they summarize what was going on in the campaign to tell us what the main issues are. they were not intended to last as a historical record or if you look at years and years later. these are really important historical archives. >> these were made for the obama campaign. >> a democratic cookie cutter. >> what you see behind us is just a sampling of some of the material that we collected from the last two conventions. >> it is on a table in a room that is our reference collection. full complete collection of the record for american politics and it goes back to george washington. >> this whole row of materials is made up of campaign buttons. this is from the mckinley campaign from 1896 until 1900. >> every four years ago out on the campaign trail and rebuild it out with contemporary material. >> some of these were passed by a local delegation. you go to the local primaries and we go to the national convention. it is the buttons, the posters, the signs, the funny hats people wear. w
. bill plante reports few have changed the outcome of the election. >> reporter: in 1980 president jimmy carter led governor ronald reagan in the polls but one line from reagan in their only debate put carter on the defensive and make a mantra for future challengers to an incumbent. >> are you better off than you were four years ago? >> reporter: in 1984 reagan now the incumbent did it again. after seeming to lose his way in the first debate with walter mondale, the 73-year-old reagan diffused the issue with one well timed quip. >> i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i will not exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience. [ laughter ] >> one liners like those are far and few in between. historians says it's not what the candidates say that usually matters the most. >> less important than what they say is how they appear. do they treat their rival with respect. do they connect with the audience? do they respond at the moment when they have to react? how do they look? how do they seem? >> reporter: during the first-ever televised debate richard nixon chos
-- >> there is no soviet domination of eastern europe. >> reporter: he lost to jimmy carter. but in 1984, another incumbent, ronald reagan, used the debates to diffuse criticism of his advancing age. >> you already are the oldest president in history. >> reporter: he was 73 at the time. >> i am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience. ( laughter ) >> "i was smiling" watt walter mondale later said "but i knew he'd gotten me there." other lessons, it may be best not to start your opening statement this way. >> who am i? why am i here? ( laughter ) >> reporter: as admiral james stockdale, ross perot's running mate did, in 1992. don't look like you have someplace better to be as president george bush did that same year when he checked his watch during a question. finally, be careful who you compare yourself to. >> i have as much experience in the congress as jack kennedy did. >> reporter: in 1988, vice presidential candidate dan quayle made that mistake against lloyd bentsen. >> i knew jack kennedy. jack kennedy was a friend of mine. senator, you're no jack kennedy. ( c
. jimmy carter and obama in office. on friday the first time it came as an anti-depressant that you have done okay. the european union. that you brought peace to the continent and qualified hit. >> jack welsh set off a firestorm when he declared the process of the unemployment figures were cooked. in illinois, 1100 inmates in the county jails in prisons collected more than $2 million in unemployment from taxpayers. to collect it every two weeks you have to verify you are available for work and you are looking for work. given what they know about chicago, maybe they should look how they are voting. >> paul: it could be early. remember if you
debated jimmy carter there was a technical glitch. >> the broadcasters from philadelphia have temporarily lost the audio. >> instead of leaving the stage to take a break, neither candidate moved. >> we don't know what's happened. we're as much surprised by what's going on as you are. >> since one wasn't going to budge, the other wouldn't budge. >> they stood there like for a half hour? >> they were frozen. >> the first president bush was criticized for looking at his watch too much during a debate. he looked at his watch. so what? >> it's a nonverbal clue that says i'm -- i want to get away from this situation as fast as possible. >> and that hurt him? >> he was widely viewed as losing that debate. it overran the message. >> al gore was criticized after this debate for sighing while george bush spoke. >> this is a major problem. social security -- >> he looked like a do yo dufus. >> he was kansas city gated. next debate, al gore went out of his way to be docile and agree with everything bush said. >> the governor and i agree. i agree with governor bush. i basically agree with dick cheney.
, people did not want to re-elect jimmy carter, but they were not prepared to go to reagan because they were afraid of him as a right-wing nut. they said he is not a guy who will blow up the world and the election was over. now obama is not where carter was. he is much stronger. but ron is not where reagan was. but he is still on the edge. -- but romney is not where reagan was. but he is still on the edge. if he is on the threshold of being strong and authoritative, then you can accept him in these circumstances. >> did you like the table or the town meeting? >> i think it works better for the voters. i like the town meeting where they can walk and talk to the crowd. i could not stand for 90 minutes. >> i am struck with this complete -- using the split screen, what happens on the moment is reaion to what the other guy is saying. it is really pretty hard. you really have to work at it. obviously, romney and ryan worked it out in little better. but paul ryan had this sickly sweet and semi smile and smug. obama was disastrous looking down all the time. joe biden had the smile takick.
that ran in 1980 against jimmy carter, and if you were to listen to it now, you would think it was the romney camp complaining about obama on willing to stand up for america overseas. what you will see in the debate, though i do not have confidence around the will pull it off, but he will try to make -- that mitt romney will pull it off, but he will try to make the argument that the administration is the first since jimmy carter to abandon peace through strength. host: guy taylor has a piece in "washington times" recently. guy taylor and matthew lee are our guests. let's get to the phones. arkansas. republican line. good morning. caller: good morning. i am glad to be on c-span this morning. my question is not so much in regards to the big guys the incident as being a terrorist attack, -- benghazi incident as being a terrorist attack, because it was the engagement through military action. to me, a terrorist attack is on the civilian target designed to create fear in the civilian population. this was not that. this was an attack on our diplomatic corps and american sovereignty
impression of jimmy carter. >> i'd like to scotch those rumors that recent enter changes have cut off all communications between president carter and myself. in fact, i had a phone call the other night and the voice started familiar. rana, how come you look younger every time i see a picture you riding horseback. i say, well, jimmy, that's easy. i just keep riding older. chris: george bush talked to the new york crowd. >> i realized i haven't seen so many people so well dressed since i went to a come as you are party in kennebunkport. >> this is an impressive crowd to have and the have mores. some people call you the elite. i call you my base. chris: it was a well-off crowd there, i can can tell you. when we come back we'll talk about american women and putting aside abortion issues. it's the pocketbook. well, is it or chris: welcome back. a lot of talk in recent days about the war for women. barack obama started with a big edge. our nbc "wall street journal" poll in september before the debates had women saying they favored the president on issues of concern to women. on "the view" ann r
and is introduced a bill. [applause] and. >> 1978, when jimmy carter social-service reform act allow deral workers to have official time that means the union can designate people to represent the group of employees. to represent them all day long and get fullsalary within the department of defee. >> he is just doing what? >> mediation, arbitration, how sharp the pencils need to be. the number of paper clips. [laughter] john: they have work rules and. >> with the office of personnel management says we want you to report every year and the total amount of money that was exhaused. in $2,010,130,000,000. the total amount of wasted money so the unions cancer around to negotiate for more money, more pension and/or health care. we don't take away the right to to collective bargaining. at do not view yen tim. not my dime. [applause] >> this official time rolled preakness productivity and efficiency year after year and gives agencies and their employees to expeditiously utilize government and put. as well as bring closure. >> it is government speak but you have two groups, labor and management negotiating
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 554 (some duplicates have been removed)